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Provide Knowledge and Skill

Knowledge and Expertise

the opportunity to positively impact the lives of students by sharing knowledge, fostering critical thinking skills

Guidance and Support

subject with others, igniting their curiosity and enthusiasm, and potentially influencing their career paths or life trajectories

Opportunities for Engagement

By educating and empowering students, you contribute to the advancement of society as a whole, helping to cultivate a more informed, skilled, and engaged citizenry.

Examine and Reward

helping them identify strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth. Through assessments and evaluations


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You start with your passion and knowledge.

Then choose a promising topic with the help of our Marketplace Insights tool.

The way that you teach — what you bring to it — is up to you
. How we help you

We offer plenty of resources on how to create your first course.

our instructor dashboard and curriculum pages help keep you organized.

List your Course Subject

Use basic tools like a smartphone or a DSLR camera.
Add a good microphone and you’re ready to start.

If you don’t like being on camera, just capture your screen. Either way, we recommend two hours or more of video for a paid course.

How we help you,

Our support team is available to help you throughout the process and provide feedback on test videos.

To register as an instructor, you typically need to provide your personal information, educational background, and professional experience. This may include details such as your name, contact information, academic qualifications, certifications, and relevant work history. Additionally, you might be asked to submit a resume or curriculum vitae outlining your teaching experience, expertise in a particular subject area, and any relevant accomplishments or publications.

Depending on the platform or institution where you’re registering, you may also need to undergo a screening process, which could involve background checks, reference checks, or verification of your credentials. Once your registration is approved, you may be required to agree to certain terms and conditions, such as adhering to ethical standards, maintaining confidentiality, and following the institution’s policies and procedures.

Registering as an instructor signifies your commitment to sharing your knowledge and expertise with others, and it opens up opportunities to engage with students, contribute to their learning journey, and make a positive impact in your field of expertise.

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